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  1. Is Cell Phone Spying Legal In India
  2. Enhanced potential of phone tracking and locating with mSpy Phone Tracker
  3. American women more likely to spy on partners’ phone and internet activity
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Even if you are the legal and sole owner of the cell phone in question, you cannot access the social media accounts of a person without their permission. There are some states that follow strict laws on that matter to prevent the invasion of privacy. Breaking codes and passwords is equivalent to breaking the law.


Is Cell Phone Spying Legal In India

There are no exceptions to this rule, except if you own the device. If you have children under the age of 18, you can legally install spy software on their cell phones without their knowledge. Parents do not need to inform their kids that they are being monitored as they are responsible for their safety and well-being. This also allows parents to prevent their children from breaking any laws and accruing any legal fines.

Enhanced potential of phone tracking and locating with mSpy Phone Tracker

As mentioned above, spying on employees is not illegal if you own the cell phones in possession of the employees. Sometimes, it proves advantageous to get a written consent from your employees when they are signing the contract of employment.

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Disclosing that information will help you to develop a meaningful relationship based on trust and mutual welfare. It is very important to know about the laws in your particular region as the laws are different in every area.

American women more likely to spy on partners’ phone and internet activity

Your good intentions will not matter when you directly in contradiction to the local laws. Cell phone spy software enthusiast and researcher. With over 8 years in the business I can offer the most comprehensive analysis and recommendations for virtually any program on the market.

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Cell Phone Spy Software Reviews

Perfect for the novice user. No "wire" and no "tapping" is required. Software which spies on another's use of a cellphone, such as recording or monitoring conversations, copying and forwarding the text messages or emails they receive, etc. Wiretapping is serious business. This point cannot be stressed too highly: capturing another's telecommunications or their oral communications is illegal.

The Stingray: How Law Enforcement Can Track Your Every Move

Any interception or recoding of phone, text, or in-person oral communications is illegal. It's why, for example, security cameras in stores or office buildings are video only, not sound. Recording conversations on a security camera would violate the wiretapping statutes. Whatever information you think you may get from placing spy software on someone's phone, it's difficult to imagine that it's worth the prospect of serious jail time.