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With iOS, you can turn off background data on an app-by-app basis.

Android O is now Android Oreo

Tap on your app of choice, then scroll to the bottom to restrict background data on cellular networks. Note that this setting can also save you from accidentally going over your data plan threshold. Ironically, it can actually make your battery life worse.

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When you leave an app open in the background, then access it a little later, your phone is smart enough to let you pick up where you left off, with minimal harm to battery life. However, if you keep closing and re-opening the same apps all day, you end up taxing your phone a whole lot more than necessary.

In theory, quitting an app you use only once per week can save you a very small amount of battery. Your phone will worry about it for you. Sure, you want your text messages to come through on your lock screen, but do you really need every MLB score from across the league? You can even customize your notifications down to where they appear, from banners to sound alerts to the lock screen. The fewer, the better. From here you can block notifications for individual apps entirely, or set priority filters for receiving fewer notifications overall.

One big battery life offender could be email. In the past, email was a real drain, when your phone would have to check to see if you had new mail constantly throughout the day. Fortunately, most modern email clients push messages to your phone, meaning that your device must only expend power when you actually get a new message.

BusyGasper – the unfriendly spy

The first solution is to tell your phone to check email less frequently—say, only once every 30 minutes. The second solution is to go full manual, only allowing your phone to check for new mail when you manually open the app.

Either option can be accessed within the same menu. Like background data and push notifications, location services can be a quiet killer, draining your smartphone battery behind the scenes. America in which the Nazis won World War Two, Amazon was the last port of call after a nearly decade-long. In essence, "thank you for that very interesting question about our changes.

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